How it works





This is our simple 5 step procedure to repairing, or unlocking your device!

It's this simple, efficient, and fast.

 Q. How long will it take to get my order done once purchased? 

A. Once you purchase your order will be completed instantly to under 24 hours from time of purchase. Come to live chat once purchase to see of we are online we may be able to schedule you in at that time. You can also send us a offline message, we will get it and respond promptly.

Q. Will I be able to reset or upgrade my phone after you repair the IMEI on my phone?

A. Yes the is a permanent fix to your phone once the IMEI is placed on your device a factory reset or firmware upgrade will not change or erase your IMEI. 

Q. Can I use my phone on Metro Pcs after you repair my IMEI? 

A. We offer a EXCLUSIVE service for your device to be put on Metro Pcs at a additional cost this will only apply to older CERT based Device (Note 3, Note 4, S5, S6, Mega 2, etc), not newer CPID Based Devices 

Q. I own a phone store can I get a DEALER Discount or a coupon?

A. Our prices are some of the best on the market, with our efficiency and warranty we offer discounts will NOT BE GIVEN to any dealer Unless Doing BULK ORDERS containing multiple devices with discounts starting at nothing less than 2 devices at one time.

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